Old Music is New Again

Sony Music is expanding it’s catalog label, Legacy, according to Variety:

 According to BuzzAngle’s 2017 year-end report, a whopping 51% of songs consumed are from “deep catalog” (music three or more years old), with an additional 12.5% coming from “catalog” (18 months to three years old). Which means that for all the discovery opportunities that a virtually unlimited pool of music can offer, people are using it far more to hear music they already know, or to explore previously untraveled corners of a genre or a favorite artist’s oeuvre.

This is essentially what I do. Why chase trends or look out for the next big thing when there’s so much you’ve never heard of the stuff you already know you like.

And in the process, I’ve discovered and started listening to music I’d never considered hearing. My interest in first-generation punk has led to an examination of all manner of avant-garde music from that era, so that I’m on a real kick of listening to Eno and Kraftwerk, which is as un-punk as you can get. Treating music as exploration expands the taste and so enlivens the mind.

Good for Sony.


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