Shallow & Pedantic 4: We All Shine On

This went up on the Patreon last week for subscribers, and went up on iTunes and Spotify not long after. It a podcast in theme of earlier episodes: exploring the gulf between a novel and its film adapation (in this case, The Shining) and what it is that Horror does. There’s some loud mike action in the early part of the episode: we were recording through masks and Mike brought his a little too close. But that evens out after the first stinger.

We All Shine On Shallow & Pedantic

A discussion of the bifurcation of The Shining into the King novel and the Kubrick film, both of which work despite the intentional differences between them. Ongoing discussion of the needs of literature vs. the needs of film.We also chat a bit about new things for Unnamed Journal and Shallow & Pedantic in general.
  1. We All Shine On
  2. Mike Gets the Good Mike
  3. The Philosophy of Horror
  4. Graphic Novels Should Not Be Movies

Now would be a good time to repost that Patreon link. There’s a new issue of Unnamed Journal out this month, and the way to get it is to be a subscriber ($1 a month) or buy it direct from our Gumroad. More on this in the coming days.

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