Content Blues, the Podcast: Episode 5 – What is Indy Can Never Di

Meant to have this up sooner, but once I sat down to put it together it flowed nicely, and in fact I was able to create some good thoughts on the fly, which is always gratifying.

One of the things on my mind a lot of late is the extent to which fandoms and other pop cultural associations are essentially products, driven by marketing and media-driven meme-ing. This includes the very status of “celebrity”, which in the modern age, includes all vestigal monarchies. Hence, Princess Di is as much Famous for Being Famous as any Kardashian, and as much a product of the same industry.

7. Grumpy Community Publishing Content Blues

In which I confront my inability to form new fandoms, discuss why Community is The Last Sitcom, and embrace my status as a Publisher. An episode almost as meta as Abed, who is to being meta what Mary Shelley is to being Goth.
  1. 7. Grumpy Community Publishing
  2. 6. Irishmen on Fire
  3. 5. What is Indy Can Never Di
  4. 4. The Lost Summer Episode
  5. 3. Poems, Prose, and Princes

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