Unnamed Journal 28 – The Arms of Pulp

This is a fun issue. I brought back two recurring characters: Rand Thrax, starship captain two jumps ahead of the Empire and perpetual smartest guy in the room, for a Cantilever Jones story. I hit the Raymond Chandler in space aspects pretty hard. Also there’s Tygg & Drea, barbarian and witch, fighting their way through a swamp and an enchanted city. It’s Part 1 of 2, and this part pretty much focuses on the moral exhaustion the pair are undergoing, while the mystery unfolds.

Other stories are a bit more creative: one’s ghost cat tale (and French, at that), and the other features a man going out a window for cuckolding another man. It be like that, sometimes.

If you’d prefer not to finance Jeff Bezos’ next trip to space, you can give us the same amount of money for two different versions of the issue on our Gumroad.


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