Peerless, Fearless, and Hammered: Drunk Vampire Hunter Gets His Book

Of all the characters I’ve made on Unnamed Journal, DVH has been the easiest to write. I inhabit him (he inhabits me?) almost effortlessly. He’s bumbling but competent, self-overhearing but uninhibited, a Hamlet that fears not action, nor anything, save the cruelties of sobriety. He won’t get a name any more than Continental Op ever did (which reminds me, I need to re-read Red Harvest).

I did something different with the paperback version: I formatted it smaller, so it’s 5×8 inches instead of the usual 6X9, as my other books have been. It’s an experiment; we’ll see what it looks like.

Also available on Gumroad, if you don’t feel like giving money to Jeff Bezos. You get the same .epub as you would on Amazon, for the same price. And it’s free on Patreon to our subscribers.


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