Unnamed Journal Vol. 1 Available On Content Blues

We call these the “grey issues” (not really, but we should), and they date back to a time before we had the layout software and consistency that we had today. For most of these, they’ve been laid out again, although the content is exactly as it appeared originally.

Consequently, I’ve completely redone the Unnamed Journal page. Access it via the menu above and choose whichever issue interests you. Donations are accepted.

Stories that can be found here:

  • The Dragon – Geor journeys across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to destroy a monster.
  • The Jinn and the Daesh – Genies play pranks on ISIS.
  • Where the Blue Clover Grows – A beaver and a chipmunk seek the Pure Land.
  • The Time I Slapped a Midget – Self-explanatory.

Click here and enjoy.


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