Stupid Podcast Tricks and New Old Magazines

Anchor does this thing where you can record and build podcast episodes on the Anchor web site, and intercut Spotify-licensed music. I’ve done two episodes this way:

This one has precisely 1 listen.
Here’s the one I did last night:

It has no listens. This is because it can only be listened to on Spotify, so it’s not populating any of my other podcast streams. They’re not on Apple; they’re not even populating my feed on this web site. Only Spotify.

So that’s a lesson learned. Going forward, I’ll be making my podcasts the old-fashioned way. I’ll mention this more next month when I get around to it. There will also be a new Shallow & Pedantic podcast next month as well.

Speaking of which:

This is the paperback edition of UJ29. It can be purchased on It looks great. This will be what we do going forward.

Also, if you click over to our Unnamed Journal page, you’ll see volume 2 ready and available for downloading. Feast your eyes on the rainbow.


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