Transform and Roll Out

There is nothing that I enjoyed so much in my youth and abandoned so thoroughly in my adulthood as Transformers. I still have a box of toys that I collected well into early adolescence. And then, quite suddenly, I just decided that they no longer mattered. I’ve never seen a single Michael Bay Transformers film. Indeed, the existence of these was the first bitter tang of my ongoing distaste with the concept of fandom in general.

So when I sat down with Kyrin and Mike to discuss this phenomenon in the newest Shallow & Pedantic Podcast, I was expecting to be a troll. Instead, we found ourselves discussing why this thing still has legs. It has a distinctiveness and a quality level above and beyond most of the half-hour-commercials-for-toys that we were subject too.

I’ve divided the episode in half, due to a technical issue. Part 1 is up now, Part 2, later this week.


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