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The There, It was Not There.

I did not watch the debates, but I was pretty confident of them. Romney was irritatingly good during the primary debates, weirdly unsinkable despite the efforts of Santorum, Ron Paul et al. He was Iceman: no mistakes. So I knew Romney wasn’t going to screw anything up. And I rather hoped that Romney’s strongest feature – his self-assured sense of basic competence – would compare favorably with Emperor Golden Dancer’s tarnished image. Which appears to be what happened:

For the first time in his life, Barack Obama was cornered. For the first time in his life, he was to be held accountable for his achievements. He was the ultimate affirmative action baby, and he had always been given a free pass. He had always run — for chairman of the Harvard Law Review, for the Illinois state senate, for the United States Senate, and for the Presidency — on promise. Now he was an executive running for re-election, and he was going to be held responsible for what he had done and for what he had failed to do.

So the voters had the opportunity to pick between the confident man, offering detailed solutions to our current woes, and President Lumbergh, who was going to have to, go ahead and, disagree with him?

The Onion Reveals its Raaaaacism

Via The Anchoress, the Parodists of Record wrap a real story in a fake story, causing many to question their true commitment to progressivism:

The New York Times newsroom is reportedly still undecided on whether or not to print a recent letter received from Obama, in which the president threatens to kill another helpless citizen every Tuesday and “fill [his] heavenly palace with slaves for the afterlife” unless the police “stop the darkness from screaming.”

“President Obama’s letter presents us with a classic journalistic quandary,” executive editor Bill Keller said. “If we print it, then we’re giving him control over the kinds of stories we choose to run. It would be an acknowledgment that we somehow give the nation’s commander in chief special treatment.”

Added Keller, “And that’s just not how the press in this country works.”


Do Read the Whole Thing.

The Rage That Dare Not Speak its Name

Yesterday I said five, ten, twenty years. But terrorists are not so lazy as that. Now we have a dead ambassador and two trashed embassies, and the Atlantic has called for immediate discussion.

On the short-term politics, one reason why people who have seen previous campaigns always insert, “Anything could happen, but…” when giving forecasts about presidential races is that, indeed, anything could happen. Political races and policy arguments grind their way along, economic trends push slowly in one direction or another, and then from time to time wholly unforeseen events occur. The political ramifications of this event in the United States are nowhere near its most important consequence. But this counts as one of the wholly unforeseen events affecting the political cycle


I’m going to assume at least, that he knows what he’s talking about, because it remains an impenetrable mystery to me. It seems like what he’s most concerned with is how the murder of our ambassador is going to affect the election. But that may be me putting an undeserved spin on all of this.

Mas Fisher is clearer, and it seems he even has a culprit for all of this:

The movie, like Terry Jones himself and his earlier Koran-burning stunt, have received attention far beyond their reach, which would be modest if not for obsessively outraged media. And yet, here the movie is, not just offending apparently significant numbers of people, but producing real-world damage.

Ah, yes. The Argumentum ad Mohammedia: Muslims May Not Be Offended. If Muslims Are Offended, We Will Find a Convenient Honky to Drive Out into the Desert. Because we cannot, and must not, ever express anger or condemnation, except in the most boiler-plate, diplo-code fashion, against muslims who attacked group A because they share the same nationality as Group B, who committed the unpardonable crime of making a movie that muslims did not like. Because Muslims are Allowed to be Violent. It’s in their nature, you racist.

Stacy McCain sums it all up in an elegant tweet:

Robert Stacy McCain@rsmccain

Obama to Libyan Savages: We Apologize for Getting Our Ambassador’s Blood All Over Your Hands.

 For further thoughts, check out this old Revolutionary Nonsense post.

How the Liberal Media Works

I have, thanks to Stacey McCain’s Championing, finally broke down and bought a copy of Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72. So far it’s better than the Las Vegas drug trip, because it’s actually about something of general interest (what, Vegas was square in ’71? Say it ain’t so!) and thus the purple-toned yammering is held by the need to actually tell what went down as the Democrats mounted that quixotic, ironically-unecessary challenge to Nixon.

“I’m going to lose the White House over something that I did to keep the White House….what’s the word for that?”

But more importantly, the book underlines the bizarre relationship between journalists and political operatives, a relationship that seems to beg for neologisms to describe. I’m going to go with “hate-incest” myself. No two professions so deeply need the counterparts that they so deeply despise. Journalists need stories, politicans provide them. Politicans need communication with the public, journalists provide it. Each ends up fighting the other for control of the medium, but neither can walk away.

Which is why McCain’s theory of how Soledad O’Brien is getting her “news” fed to her by the Democratic Party is not only plausible, but almost certainly true:

  • Democrats know from experience which network personnel are most amenable to regurgitating their partisan spin. Democrats employ analysts to study and evaluate coverage, and have compiled dossiers/databases on all potentially influential media personnel, including the behind-the-scenes producers, editors and executives.
  • Known “friendly” personnel are targeted with key messages, including oppo-research, which they use in their broadcasts without revealing the partisan source.
  • Competitive pressures help spread these messages rapidly. For example, if a certain oppo-research item is first reported by MSNBC, then CNN feels compelled to “match” the story.
  • Democrats reward favorable coverage with access. You want to get a one-on-one interview with Obama or Biden? You’re gonna have to earn it, sugar.
  • Conversely, negative coverage is punished by witholding access and by other means. Because the news industry votes Democrat by margins of at least 7-to-1, those who don’t cooperate enthusiastically with the Democrat messaging operation may be subject to career-damaging reprisals.

And it is the myth of the Objective Media which allows this this cheerleading to pass as fact-based, neutral reporting. If O’Brien could simply state what everyone knows, that she and CNN are in Obama’s corner because she and they have that very human habit of forming their own opinions, she could name whoever gave her the press release and the public would have the opportunity to make up its own mind. But she can’t, so the public instead gets the opportunity to treat partisan rhetoric as Confirmed Truth, and so transmogrify said leaden emitance into Propaganda Gold.

Taking Hope Behind the Barn and Killing it With an Axe.

You know it’s the silly season when campaign insiders and journalists (there’s a difference. I just know there is) start whispering about positive jobs reports. Even hardened old cynics like myself took pause. Why, maybe there’s a chance after all. Maybe the economy has finally found its headwind.

And true to form, the numbers weren’t bad. Actually up. Still north of 8%, but maybe enough, just enough, for Obama to make his essential case, his statesmanlike I-Didn’t-Burn-the-Whole-House-Down that emerged from the convention. Romney may have to worry.

Yeah, Mitt Romney is Fry.

Yeah, no. The unemployment rate is a blip above 8% instead of three blips because 368,000 people have left the work force since last we measured. That means more people than could fit into the DNC’s stadium in Charlotte (and way more than actually showed up) have been out of work so long that they have given up and started selling crack or collecting unemployment, sitting in a pit of despair trying to determine whether smoking crack or watching The View every day better expresses what is meant by “Rock Bottom.” If we had the same workforce participation rate as we did when this “recovery” began, the unemployment rate would be at 10%. Nothing’s changed. The economy is still in the ditch, and all the wheel-spinning in the world doesn’t make the damn thing move.

Stalag 17 FTW!

Sorry, proggies, but it’s starting to look like the eleventh-hour salvation isn’t coming. The Riders of Rohan are not en route. Obama’s got nothing to run on from now till November but paranoid fantasies about Mitt Romney raping Medicare after denying it birth control, and then dressing the unholy spawn in Magic Underwear spun from Lying Paul “The Liar” Ryan’s Lies.

Which might work. But if Obama clears this hurdle, his second term is going to make Bush’s look like George Washington’s. Everything will remain exactly where it is. No one will compromise, no budget will be passed, nothing will happen. 23% approval is going to look like the top floor of the Sears Tower from where Obama will be looking in January of  2017. And the rest of us will be boiling our socks for soup.

Hope is dead. Enjoy the autopsy.

The DNC: Democrats Nad-Lapping Clinton

Sweet creeping Moses, are those fools actually excited about Bill Clinton? Really? REALLY?

Four years after Barack Osiris Dionysius Mithra Yeshua Obama recast the Democratic party in his image and likeness, and cast the Clintons and their wicked DNC upon the ash-heap of history, and now they think this aging Priapus will save them? IT IS TO LAUGH.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, the flannel-mouthed swine did well. Billy knows him how to whup up a crowd. But when this game is all over, and tonight’s Obama-gasm bursts, we’re going to be waking up to the same old desolate future, with the same old wax figure presiding over it.

The economy is burning and these clowns are applauding the fiddler.

Every time I think I might be out of the Republican Party, Democrats pull me back in.