Ace of Spades to Become Insufferable Until the Convention…

…Hobo Hunting Licenses hardest hit.

Basically, its the 2010 Delaware Senate election all over again, wherein Ace inveighed for Rockefeller-ite Mike Castle rather than crypto-wiccan and professional campaigner Christine O’Donnell. The comment threads during that period brimmed with sightings of RINO horns and proclamations of doom.

Except this time, he’s capitulated to the Stormin’ Mormon, to the point of trumpeting deeply weak accusations of Flip-Floppery against Rick Santorum (for just how weak, see Protein Wisdom). True to form, the comment threads are hitting 1,000 plus as a matter of course, and the salty tears of rage on all sides are picquant and delicious.

And why? Because someone somewhere has dubbed Romney “electable,” that mystical invocation powerful enough to propel John Kerry to the 2004 Democrat nomination. How did that work out again?

In any case, aside from the Daily Doom™, there’s no point in reading Ace for politics until the general election. He’s not going be satisfied until all the Not-Mitts are dead and buried, or every social conservative is driven from his site, whichever happens first.

Pity the man. He was so effective in underlining how much Romney sucked, his audience believed him.

To read what I have thought about these primaries, click here.

Ace of Spades Discovers that Rick Santorum is Catholic

And worse, when pressed to discuss the Catholic position on birth control and sexuality, he doesn’t hide in the bushes, but stands for his positions like a man.

Naturally this makes him unacceptable as a Presidential candidate.

The comments explode with the imaginary fear that Santorum is going to outlaw birth control (he isn’t, and said that the government shouldn’t), and general wackiness ensues.

So Ace is either lying back, closing his eyes and thinking of England for Romney, or he’s waiting for that Generic Republican fellow to enter the race.

Meghan McCain Illustrates What is Wrong With White People

The existence of Meghan McCain, like that of the Jersey Shore, stand as reminders of the truism that ignorance is bliss. Bliss indeed it would be to remain ignorant of both. Yet I cannot, and so find myself wearily faced with the addled thoughts of this un-celebrity.

“I prefer people with personality and swagger as opposed to people that did really well in college and can now spout boring facts on command.”

The worst thing in this is the universality of it; how common and derivative an idea it is. I take it as another sign of how knowledge-averse a culture we have become. To know things, to have actually taken the time to acquire knowledge, is considered by many to be a dastardly act. These usually come in two varieties:

  1. The Invincibly Ignorant, who regard education as torture and are content to remain stupid. They hate and fear the learned.
  2. The Mal-Educated, who regard themselves as intelligent, but don’t actually know anything. Any conversation on the subject of history, economics, science, or philosophy any deeper than your average stand-up comedy routine leaves them confused and contemptuous. They are sheep to be gathered by whatever rhetorical shepherd wanders by.

I suspect McCain to be of the second variety, as the Invincibly Ignorant do not usually take the time to write painfully written books or place themselves as leaders of non-existent movements.

Stacy McCain perceives in McCain’s insipid ignorance the collapse of American culture. He follows that down the long road through his own career and continuing support for Rick Santorum, who has at least as much claim to be an educated man as Newt Gingrich. By all means, Read the Whole Thing.

Meanwhile, Instapundit links Charles Murray’s new Book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010, the premise of which is:

The top and bottom of white America increasingly live in different cultures, Murray argues, with the powerful upper class living in enclaves surrounded by their own kind, ignorant about life in mainstream America, and the lower class suffering from erosions of family and community life that strike at the heart of the pursuit of happiness. That divergence puts the success of the American project at risk.

I love it when a plan comes together.

If Some of the Blogs I Read Were Teenage Girls and the 2012 GOP Primary were the Senior Prom…

Ace of Spades would be the one still upset that her football-star boyfriend is out of the running for Prom King, due to an academic supsension, even though, like spluh! he’s obviously better looking and cooler than anyone else, and they’re all just jealous for not seeing it.

Other McCain would be the one constantly talking up her new boyfriend with all the ardor and devotion that she used to talk up her previous boyfriend who got expelled under rumor that he’d impregnated a freshman.

Protein Wisdom would be the one who decided that she didn’t even want to go anymore if the Class President becomes Prom King, as is expected, because he’s so lame and people only like him because his dad is rich but he’s totally two-faced, and she would maintain this position the harder when her friends tried to convince that she totally should go, because, PROM!

UPDATE: Nothing, not even unflattering portrayals, stops Other McCain’s gentlemanly use of Rule 2. And he sneaks in a bit of Rule 5 in the process! I bow to the master blogger.