The Sword Update

Here’s where we are on my Civil War novel. I just finished Chapter 7 of a planned 15. Chapters are averaging somewhere between 4,000-5,000 words (rough estimate). This will put me at about 70,000 words, reasonable size for a novel. If I finish in the next six weeks or so, I can let it lie … More The Sword Update

Quick Void Update

Last time I posted, I sounded a little overwhelmed by the threads I needed to nail down to finish Void. Today, I can safely report that I’ve finished the 6th Chapter, and am confident that I’ve set the third act up in such a way as to be able to be confident of a quick Chapter … More Quick Void Update

WriteTip: When You Get Stuck, You Just Keep Going

Writing -any creative endeavor, really – is all about giving yourself permission to fail. Now, in one sense, that’s idiotic and ridiculous. The purpose of art is not to make something that’s bad. It’s not to allow something that’s bad to enter the market. The purpose of art is to make something that people respond … More WriteTip: When You Get Stuck, You Just Keep Going