Weak sauce, as my wife’s chef cousin would put it. And Mitt quickly offered a “I don’t recall but I’m sorry if anything I did went too far,” semi-apology. But that hasn’t stopped every Democrat from treating this as a sign of his total unfitness for public office. The “he’s still a bully — against the woiking classes!” comment practically writes itself:

In my experience bullies don’t change. They evolve. He evolved into a bully that cuts jobs, cares little for the little guy and makes sure he comes out ok. Funny how it still sounds like high school never ended for Mittens

Yes, someone really wrote that.

The interesting part of the first article is the way it seems to imply that the victim, who did turn out to be gay, was somehow permanently traumatized by the incident. The guy died in 2004 of liver cancer, which I guess must be Romney’s fault, too. If only the “It Gets Better” campaign had existed then, Then again, he did manage to have a pretty interesting life (toured with the Royal Lippizzaner Stallion Riders, got an embalmer’s license, worked as a chef on big freighters and as a civilian contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan), so I suppose he figured that out on his own.

Of course, it only gets better if you’re not a GOP presidential candidate. Those poor fools get to have their high school years lived over and over again. Or, as another commenter puts it:

I wouldn’t vote for Romney if you paid me, but this is almost farcical. He’s in his 60s and he’s apologizing for his behavior in high school? Seriously? What’s next: “Romney admits to taking extra Halloween candy, and to fibbing about seeing a monster under his sister’s bed, back in 1954.”


  1. Pardon my ignorance because I’m too lazy to read all of your posts, but do you support Mitt Romney?

      1. What about Ron Paul? (If he makes and if he’s still on the race, something I’m not sure)

      2. Don’t like Ron Paul. Not because of the things he says, which are mostly libertarian-y. It’s just him I don’t like. He talks a better game than he’ll actually be able to bring to the table.

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