Mitt Romney’s Bully Story Comes Apart Like Cheap Taffy

This is all over the place, but Other McCain has the best aggregation. And being an old newsman, he jumps all over the Dead Man’s Quote trick like a lion on a wildebeest:


By God, you can’t do that in journalism: You cannot base a key element of a story — in this case, the claim that Romney’s bullying left Lauber emoitonally traumatized for life — on a quote from the deceased “victim” attributed to him based on an (alleged) private conversation. Lauber isn’t around to verify or dispute the accuracy of Seed’s account, and therefore it is unethical to include the “quotes” that Seed attributes to Lauber.

When Jason Horowitz is fired — and it should be a matter of when he’s fired, not if he’s fired — this “Dead Man’s Quote” trick will be noted among the worst of his wrongdoings.

Keep reading, because Stacy — unlike the Washington Post — can get sources to back up his assertions.

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