Wes Anderson’s Doom: Special Screening of Awaited European Animated Film at Cannes

In my fisking of Variety’s pre-advertising for next year’s Oscars, I made this prediciton about Wes Anderson’s film Isle of Dogs:

See? There’s already a ghetto for cartoons. “Dogs” will get nominated for this, and then lose to something Italian that gets a limited release in New York for a week.

And that was before Wes Anderson’s movie was declared “problematic” by the problematic-declarers.

Well, it’s not Italian, but here’s the film that’s going to win the Best Animated Film Oscar

“Another Way of Life” chronicles the graphic, harrowing and near-hallucinatory experiences during the 1975 Angolan civil war that drove Polish war correspondent Ryszard Kapuściński to write the book that forged his literary reputation. The animation-live action hybrid film wowed attendees at an industry gathering last month at Bordeaux’s Cartoon Movie event, where 15 minutes of footage was shown at a sneak-peek screening. Attendees were impressed with the mix of animation, live-action cutaways, archive footage and contemporary interviews.

Post-modern, harrowing, and foreign? Just give it the Oscar now, so Kimmel can riff a little more about how much he hates Mike Pence.

I don’t know how well Dogs is doing at box office, but that’s probably all Anderson will get out of it.


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