Neil Gaiman Goes Over The Edge, Caligula Goes into Rewrites, and The Journal Still Has No Name: An End of July Update

Here’s a Podcast:

We had this recorded last month, and of the 2 hours+ we recorded, this is the stuff that was actually about the ostensible topic, Neil Gaiman. I think we went over the edge on this one. The rest of the merry nonsense is going up on a “Bonus Episode” for Patrons, which you can listen to by Subscribing!

Here’s a new paperback edition of The Meditations of Caius Caligulia:

I discovered that if you drop the trim size to 5×8, instead of 6×9, a shorter book looks a bit meatier. I made this discovery with Drunk Vampire Hunter, now I must republish all my previous works. This is a discomfort in the posterior because Amazon doesn’t just let you change the trim size on a paperback. You have to unpublish it, and recreate the paperback all over again. I’ll probably start with Solar System Blues and move forward.

Here’s the Latest Unnamed Journal:

Hit the Gumroad and use the discount code “UJ31” to save $1! Or subscribe to our Patreon and get it and all other issues with your subscription.


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