Film About Liberace Rejected For Being “Too Gay.”

I don’t know if there’s any response to that other than laughter.

“We needed $5 million. Nobody would do it.”

Wait a minute, we said. Let us get this straight: No studio would budget $5 million for a movie with Damon and Douglas?

“They said it was too gay. Everybody. This was after ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ by the way. Which is not as funny as this movie. I was stunned. It made no sense to any of us.”

Yeah, who wouldn’t want to see Matt Damon smooch with the fossilized remains of Michael Douglass in a film about a really really not very interesting performer? That’s called “Behind the Candelabra”?

Every day brings new evidence that Affleck was the smart one.

Maaaaaaatt Daaaaaamon.


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